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In our opinion, Total VPN deserves the number one recommended spot in overall performance, features, and a competitive price package. It’s encouraging to see a relative new comer to the industry put the effort into such a well balanced product that gives clients exactly what they expect.




As our number one pick for VPN providers, TotalVPN begins with an intuitive, easy to use, and informative website. Their features are second to none and give users the safety and security that clients demand.


Their desktop component excels in the industry and their expertise in UI/UX in this area is clearly evident. The well designed links from the footer give even first-time users the confidence they need to navigate from the desktop to other areas that contain all the pertinent information they need. Total VPN has made sure to put focus on streaming and accessing content which is a priority for most users. They give the client all the information they need about their product and have made the navigation flow logically.

Plans and Pricing

This is yet another important area that TotalVPN has kept simple and concise. The first plan is one that is completely free – for life! The second choice is their premium plan which runs from $4.95/mo to $9.95/mo. Users can choose from monthly, annual or biennial terms and logically, the longer the term, the more you save on monthly premiums.


They remain on par with core features just as other more established providers. At present, TotalVPN covers more than 30 countries. While some of their more established competitors may offer greater network coverage, the more important ones are covered with more locations being added on a regular basis. It’s great to see that as a relative new comer to the industry TotalVPN has managed to match other well established competitors.

Security & Protocols

As with other top ranking providers, all major protocols are on board including: PPTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec. Clients are able to securely engage in all types of internet activity, giving them the confidence they are looking for in a VPN provider. They do not log a user’s activity and additionally do not track websites that are visited. As is common place with other providers, TotalVPN does monitor bandwidth and records the IP address used to connect to their network.

Customer Support

Customer service is another area that they pay close attention to. They offer both a live chat and email ticket support, each of which work extremely well. Live chat has knowledgeable agents operating 24/7 and the ticket response time was very impressive taking a mere 2 hours. One can also access TotalVPN’s support centre which is actually very useful, easy to understand, and includes informative configuration articles.

Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard is yet another example of the attention to detail and user friendly experience that TotalVPN has accomplished. The layout is smart, clean, and concise and offers options to managing the client’s account as well as subscriptions.

Desktop Client

Smart planning has also gone into their mobile applications which are consistent across platforms with a feel, style and usability of the desktop clients – a definite plus! We have found them to be the most user-friendly and it’s obvious that they have devoted a substantial amount of UI/UX work in this area. The interface is extremely intuitive with everything just a simple click away. Although there is not Linux desktop at this time, their overall desktop definitely hits the mark.


The apps are extremely easy to use and offer PPTP and L2TP/IPSec for both iOS and Android. TotalVPN is distinct from many of their competitors by providing a clean profile installation process which is virtually seamless. Another plus is their consistent user experience across platforms.


It is clear right from the start that TotalVPN understand what users are looking for and provides it without fail. Not all VPN providers are as up front about the fact that one of the top ‘wants’ of users is looking for a reliable, secure method that covers streaming and accessing content. The overall result when looking at pricing, security & protocols, customer support and ease of use is that TotalVPN understands what it takes to succeed in this industry. As a relative new comer they seem to be headed in the right direction for much success and continued growth as a trusted VPN provider.


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  • Free version
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Adding more countries regularily
  • Supports all major protocols
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mobile Applications
  • 30 Day money back guarantee


  • None that we could find


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Susan James - April 12, 2021

Been lookin for a VPN to watch US netflix, and since findin Total vpn i been watchin it non-stop, powaar bootin service like.
Geordie Jack - April 10, 2021

Easy to use, keeps my details private. happy customer
Anonymous - April 04, 2021

Absolutely fantastic, I can stream US tv without issue and that's exactly what I signed up for. Top marks from an old boy.
Julian Burnett - March 23, 2021

It is awesome!!! :)
Jasmina Sabo - March 10, 2021

Thanks for the heads up about Total VPN - it's awesome!
Steve Jackson - March 05, 2021

Where can you view the free for life offer I cannot see it
Anthony Jones - March 02, 2021

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