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Reliable privacy and security are at the forefront of Safer Web. With a wide-ranging protocol offering, free web proxy and an excellent choice of the most popular locations, they are definitely a trusted VPN provider and one to keep an eye on.




SaferWeb’s attention to privacy and security has made them one of our top VPN picks. Combined with a user friendly signup process, well thought out plans and pricing and excellent customer support, SaferWeb has caught the attention of both the industry and users alike.


Considerable time and effort have obviously gone into the design of this website which is logically organized and gives users all the information they need right at their fingertips. Safer Web makes it clear that they have made the issues of safety and privacy a priority. Even their choice in colour scheme and use of clever animation help to emphasize the company’s message of security and reliability.

Plans & Pricing

SaferWeb’s price points have rendered them one of the most cost-effective providers in the industry. They offer two plans, both with 1 – 24 month options. As is expected, the longer the term, the cheaper the price. Their basic plan runs at $4.95/mo with their premium plan at $6.95.


With over 30 countries and 35 different locations, all popular locals are currently covered and SaferWeb has even managed to provide a browser based web proxy. Although their limited location options fall slightly short of other providers like PureVPN and HMA, they have focused on the more popular countries, which is a positive point strategically. These features are also important to individual users who use the internet on a regular basis especially when they find themselves away from home for any length of time.

Security & Protocols

SaferWeb security and protocols are kept to high industry standards which include OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, and IKEv2 and they continue to work on expansion in this area. Although SSTP is not currently included, according to their website, it is on its way. We will keep an eye on this and report back with any new developments. As expected, they do not log users’ website visits and record only the IP one is connecting from to their network along with bandwidth usage.

Customer Support

Customers can get support either by email or live chat with almost instant response times. The live chat option took a mere 10 seconds and email support just under 4.5 hours. Whether the issue is one of configuration or a simpler snag one has come up against, SaferWeb agents are highly knowledgeable and are able to explain any concerns through clear, concise and easy to understand instructions. A visit to their customer support centre is highly recommended as it provides clients with a host of useful articles and tips. Through here one can also quickly and easily access SaferWeb’s support team.

Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard is yet another example of the planning that has gone into creating both a useful and positive experience. Through the easy to navigate dashboard, users are able to access such items as:

Desktop Client

The sign-up process is easy to use and very straightforward. From the download page, the browser automatically defaults the download to your device type. Downloading the mac osx software was easy and intuitive. Having the server listings at the forefront was a smart decision on their part with the next step being to simply click ‘connect’. We were impressed with its overall simplicity and ease of use and appreciated the fact that it uses native settings window.


Both Android and iOS applications are available along with manual configuration to support other mobile devices. Both the iOS and Android applications have a similar but simpler settings configuration than the desktop version eliminating a more complicated profile installation process. We tested the iOS app on an iPhone 6 (version 9.1) and found it to be well designed. It closely mirrored the layout and user experience of the desktop versions but with a more simplified settings configuration. This was the best mobile app that we have tested.


All in all, SaferWeb provides clients with a secure and reliable product that is industry recognized. Setup and navigation procedures are simple and provide users with an easy flowing and organic experience. Security, privacy and pricing give clients excellent value for their money, especially when compared to many other VPN providers. They offer all the most important locations and the addition of a free web proxy is a definite plus for users. With only SSTP not currently available, their protocol offering is extensive.


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  • Excellent customer support
  • Great security
  • Fast Speeds
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use


  • Limited server locations
  • No SSTP security protocol


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I had a little trouble initially as my firewall was blocking the download but as soon as I got that sorted i've had no issues at all. I've also been using the mobile app on my iPhone, it's really good.
Craig Curtis - April 11, 2021

10 out of 10 for me. I've only been using Safer Web for a couple of days since finding them on your site and it's just so easy to use. thank you, Majorie.
Majorie Cantrell - April 06, 2021

Loving SaferWeb right now.
Linda Mitchell - March 31, 2021

I have not been using Saferweb for long, but thought I had better leave a review before I forget. Saferweb is very easy to use, cheap and allows me to access sites I haven't been able to before.
Thomas Hardwick - March 28, 2021

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