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Pure VPN’s well established global branding has earned this Hong Kong based VPN provider a solid reputation with the experienced VPN user. Their immense network coverage and extremely attractive price points are not likely to be surpassed by others.




With 121 countries and more than 180 locations PureVPN, (which is based in Hong Kong) is certainly well established and widely trusted. They have obviously put much thought and effort into their website which seems to be ‘all inclusive’ in terms of providing visitors and clients with all the information they need. All of this and the ease of navigation throughout the site have made it possible for PureVPN to be a well recognized brand in the industry.


PureVPN’s website has been well thought out and expertly designed as one would expect from a brand that is so well established worldwide. It is extremely easy to navigate and has a blog that is sure to impress anyone. Their site gives a very positive first impression and imprints a sense of confidence.

Plans & Pricing

Keeping the basics simple, they offer one plan with 3 different terms to choose from. As expected, the longer the term, the lower the cost. There is however a real incentive to opt for a longer term as it comes with a 65% discount. This deal translates to $4.16/mo which is paid annually. Their monthly plan is considerably higher at $9.95/mo. There are also a number of payment options including bitcoin and AliPay (for users based in China).

Great add-ons are also available as soon as you click on their order form, some of which are:


The features provided by PureVPN are a definite draw. Along with their impressive global network a sample of their features include:

The one drawback that may be of concern is that they do log IP addresses which might steer away potential clients who are adamant about anonymity and privacy. The other area of concern is their ‘fair usage’ policy which is hidden away in their terms and conditions, meaning that, ‘unlimited service’ is not actually unlimited.

Security & Protocols

The Security and Protocols are also solid and include: OpenVPN, L2P/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and IKEv2. Another impressive feature is that PureVPN manage their own network which means that all data is handled by them with no third parties involved. Pure VPN does log IP addresses making it a strong deterrent for anyone who is serious about anonymity and privacy.

Customer Support

There are certainly no gaps in terms of customer support. The support centre is well worth taking a look at as it has a number of very helpful tutorials and articles that are packed with valuable information. Accessing live chat is easy although one does have to input all necessary details prior to being connected, but their support staff are highly knowledgeable. Both email support and live chat have good response times and directly address any issue you may be encountering.

Customer Dashboard

PureVPN’s customer dashboard does include all the information a client might be looking for but is a bit cumbersome to navigate. One reason may be the abundance of links which seems to slow the process down somewhat. We get the feeling that the dashboard was something they had to include and unfortunately no consideration was put into UI/UX or other future developments. Although all the information that a client might need or want is present navigation is cumbersome.

Desktop Client

The desktop client could certainly use some tweaks as OSX and Windows clients are not designed to the same standards as the frontend. A large gap also exists between Windows and OSX and contains data that is not really needed. Some buttons such as ‘Billing and Packages’ do not respond making the experience a little frustrating. We also encountered some authentication issue making it a rather frustrating experience.

Mobile Device

The mobile devices app did have its problems such as the iOS app having an Android style side menu that may put some clients off. Establishing connections was rather slow, profiles required a lot of work to install and the navigation was a bit buggy. Happily, once connection was established the speeds were good and the app performed exactly like it should.


In terms of their network PureVPN has set the bar to a height that will likely never be surpassed by other VPN providers. While there are some issues with navigation and installation VPN does offer an all-inclusive feature set along with extremely competitive pricing plans. On the negative side Pure VPN needs to make some serious improvements in order enhance using any of the client applications/customer dashboard and the logging of IP addresses was a huge drawback.


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  • Great customer support
  • Bitcoin payment option
  • Smart DNS
  • 5 simultaneous logins
  • Unlimited data transfer


  • Only 7 day money back guarantee
  • Interface is lacking
  • Installation is tricky
  • Logging of IP addresses


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Sophie Clarke - April 11, 2021

The product is okay, don't get too excited about it, but it does do exactly what it needs too. I signed up for a vpn and got a vpn - thanks.
Rob Richardson - April 08, 2021

Meh, pretty good but nothing to get too excited about. A linux app would be nice too.
Roselyn Jones - April 01, 2021

absolutely brill. Thanks to you guys for the review, wouldn't have found them otherwise.
J Brewer - March 23, 2021

Great company, great product
Tim Bartlett - March 08, 2021

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