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Their many years of experience as a VPN provider has allowed Nord VPN to provide clients with comprehensive security features all within an impressive and highly competitive price range. It’s ease of set up and high encryption levels makes this a sure bet for both novice and experienced VPN users.




NordVPN’s more than 10 years experience is obvious when you take a look at their features along with ease of installation and use. Clients that are new to VPN or have limited IT experience will have no problems around installation or use. Coupled with its user-friendly approach and extremely reasonable pricing options, it’s no wonder that both their individual and corporate client list continues to grow.


It is clear that NordVPN has put in a considerable amount of time and effort into the areas of privacy and security. They have taken on a strict ‘no logging’ policy and because they are, perhaps strategically, located in Panama there are no data retention laws to abide by.

Just a few of their more popular features include:


Even though NordVPN has placed emphasis on security and privacy they still manage to provide a wide range of features. They currently support IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP and utilize an extremely high SSL-based 2048 bit encryption. Clients are able to even enhance their anonymity online by running Tor over VPN. Their killswitch feature (as described above) is a definite plus.

There is no guesswork in the installation process, one needs to simply start the software (even the first time) and everything just happens in the background; even on Windows.

Speed & Reliability

While speeds can from time to time vary, there are no speed limits or bandwidth caps. Unfortunately due to the extremely high encryption levels, speeds can be somewhat inconsistent. Speeds can also be affected depending on which server is used. Although there are dedicated ‘ultra fast TV’ servers, with only four available, there is often a high server load.


Flexibility is something that NordVPN has obviously paid extensive attention to. They are one of only a few that offer a dedicated IP address feature paired with dynamic and static IP addresses. They have also recently added an Android and iOS app. As this is still relatively new, connecting your mobile device is best done via a router or even tweaking it manually. Unfortunately, this issue of flexibility is a disadvantage for NordVPN compared to other VPN service providers.

Customer Support

There are two ways to get customer support, one is by submitting an email support ticket and the second is through their 24/7 live chat option.

Alternately, customers can visit either the FAQ section or a number of video tutorials via their website. Both of which, sadly, are quite limited. While the tutorials deal mainly with installation, the FAQ’s stick mostly to the basics.

Value For Money

The plans that NordVPN offers are more than reasonable which make it highly attractive for those who don’t want to spend a great deal for reliable and secure service. With plans starting as low as $4.00/mo if you pay for an entire year, $5.00/mo when you choose the 6 month option and $8.00 for the month-to-month price point, they are certainly worth looking at. The company also provides some fun and exciting freebies such as:


NordVPN is a great choice for anyone but especially for those who may be new to VPN. Their features, attractive pricing, and cool freebies make this provider one to seriously consider. The ease of set-up is a definite plus. The biggest drawback is the inconsistency of their speeds due to the high encryption levels.


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  • 10 years in the industry
  • Free YouTube web proxies
  • Encrypted instant messaging
  • 24/7 support
  • Bitcoin as a payment option


  • No Android app
  • A little bit pricey
  • Inconsistent Speed


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